Not only design and installation of security systems

Once we have identified the best integrated solutions for securing the site, we carry out the project and take care of every phase of the installation, up to the testing. Our work in this is, however, not finished. We take charge of the complete management of the security system, guaranteeing you 24-hour assistance and supervisory service.

The flagship of the services offered is the networking, i.e. the creation of a solid infrastructure that supports all the plants and operating systems in operation, not only with regard to safety.

To guarantee a constant exchange of data and a quick communication of the results, any system needs efficient and high-performance solutions in terms of connectivity: this is why at GALEELEO we take care of managing the connection of all the integrated security systems.

Whatever your need, our specialized staff is able to focus on it, and then identify and implement the safest and most functional solution. We are structured to offer you a turnkey service, acting, when necessary, as general contractor efficient and reliable.


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