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    We also deal with safety in the waste sector, in order to ensure the correct disposal of waste and avoid illegal procedures.
    Our embedded systems they allow us to monitor the type of waste discharged and the methods of disposal, to report abusive or improper activities, any changes in the route of the vehicles or the presence of unauthorized parties.

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    Public Bodies

    Safety within public bodies is a very important and at the same time delicate issue, as it must comply with a series of specific constraints dictated by the relevant regulations.
    We propose integrated security systems which include, among others, external and internal alarm systems, access control, license plate reading, presence detection, fire prevention, anti-robbery, video surveillance.

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    Parks and Nature

    We safeguard the natural heritage with Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems aimed at monitoring human activities (malicious and not) such as fires, vandalism and Heritage damage within parks and nature reserves.

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    We identify the best solutions to protect warehouses and depots used for logistics from possible theft, damage, sabotage, intrusion and industrial espionage.
    To do this we create security systems such as alarms, video surveillance systems, access control and presence detection, fire and smoke detection systems.

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    The security systems for institutional offices require careful planning for the complete defense of the sites from intrusions, fires, thefts, vandalism and terrorist attacks, in accordance with the specific constraints of this area.
    Beyond the alarm, fire and video surveillance systems, access control and attendance detection systems acquire fundamental importance, so that entry to the various areas is allowed only to authorized personnel and that there is a trace of the movements entering and exiting the structure.

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    We design and install security systems for companies, factories and production plants with the aim of protecting industries from theft, intrusion, fire and espionage.
    Anti-theft systems, video surveillance systems, access control and license plate reading, fire prevention systems and smoke detection systems are just some of the many solutions that we can adopt to secure your company.

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    Green Economy

    The sites of renewable energy production, such as photovoltaic parks, wind and hydroelectric plants are exposed to the risk of intrusion, vandalism and damage.
    At GALEELEO we study integrated security systems for Green Economy, protecting in the most adequate way the areas used for the production of energy, which are often very large and located in peripheral areas.

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    Cultural Heritage

    In GALEELEO we work with the utmost attention for the protection of the artistic heritage of our country and beyond, by studying integrated security systems for the protection of cultural heritage, museums, monuments and archaeological sites.
    Video surveillance, anti-theft and anti-intrusion systems, fire detection, access control are just some of the solutions to protect cultural sites from theft, fire, vandalism, terrorism and damage of all kinds.

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    At GALEELEO we take care of securing business activity: we design and install anti-theft and anti-robbery systems, video surveillance cameras, fire-fighting and smoke detection systems for shops, points of sale and commercial establishments.

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    Airports are particularly sensitive sites that require security systems studied in detail in order to be extremely efficient and impossible to circumvent.
    Thanks to our integrated security solutions, we take care of the complete protection of airports from criminal activities, terrorist attacks, theft, fires and explosions, illicit trafficking, vandalism.


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