• Testing
  • Surveillance
  • Networking
  • Installation of safety systems
  • Inspection and risk analysis
  • Design of security systems
  • Connectivity
  • 24-hour assistance

Our offices

Tailored security solutions, between reliability and innovation

Ours is a careful and in-depth approach, based on experience and know-how, but also on a deeply innovative mindset, with the aim of streamlining and integrating processes thanks to the so-called Digital Transformation.

We are a solid company, which operates with seriousness and a deep ethical sense, aware of the extreme importance that security has for private and public sites, in any sector.

In particular we are specialized in integrated security systems for industry and commerce, for the logistics sector and for the green economy, for public bodies and institutional offices, but also for cultural heritage, natural parks, waste disposal centers and airports.

Thanks to the branches located on the Italian territory and at our UK headquarters, we are able to cover the whole nation as well as some areas of Europe, with extreme promptness and flexibility.


  • January 2023

    New Branch Operation

    GALEELEO, a company specializing in security and surveillance services, announced today the opening of a new branch office in Brindisi [...]

  • December 2022

    One of Italy’s largest solar parks tested

    GALEELEO recently installed an innovative integrated security system at the photovoltaic park owned by the world's largest player in the [...]

  • October 2022

    New integrated system is finished in UK

    For major Chinese giant in the renewable energy business, GALEELO recently successfully tested an integrated safety system: a project of [...]

  • January 2022

    GALEELEO makes a new agreement

    GALEELEO, thanks to its strong and recognized skills, attracts the trust of important partners and forges a new partnership with [...]