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Know-how and Digital Transformation
at the Service of Global Security

Our choice

Avant-garde mentality and openness to change have enabled us to embrace progress and digital transformation without difficulty, making them our strengths. Breaking down time-space barriers, process optimization, and systems integration, together with industry know-how and experience, allow us to provide you with total assurance.

The best Synergy: Human experience and Artificial Intelligence

Our know-how and case histories collected over the years have been acquired and reprocessed by special security Artificial Intelligence software, enabling us to perform more comprehensive and detailed predictive risk analysis and to study high-performance security systems

Your Partner Specializing in Integrated Security Systems

After a careful risk analysis, we are able to study the best security installation according to your needs, providing you with a comprehensive and fully customized service. Ours is a judicious and thorough approach, which is based on experience and know-how, but also on a deeply innovative mindset.

How we do it

Discover the GALEELEO method

Where we are

Our offices

  • Markets

    Solutions for the total security of the sites according to the peculiarities and criticality of the reference markets.

  • Waste

  • Public Bodies

  • Parks and Nature

  • Logistics

  • Institutional

  • Industry

  • Green Economy

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Business

  • Airports


  • Design and Installation

    In GALEELEO we are specialized in the design and installation of integrated and fully customized security systems.

  • Security Systems

    Our core business is represented by implementation of integrated security systems.

  • Networking

    In order to function, security systems must rely on an efficient and robust network infrastructure.

  • Surveillance

    As part of our Business Agency license (ex. art. 115 TULPS) we are able to provide you with vigilance, thus acting as your only security partner.

  • Service and Maintenance

    Thanks to the operators of our Service Centre, always operational.

  • Connectivity

    Regardless of the safety systems installed, one thing is certain: if they are not able to communicate the results correctly and efficiently, they are absolutely useless


  • January 2023

    New Branch Operation

    GALEELEO, a company specializing in security and surveillance services, announced today the opening of a new branch office in Brindisi [...]

  • December 2022

    One of Italy’s largest solar parks tested

    GALEELEO recently installed an innovative integrated security system at the photovoltaic park owned by the world's largest player in the [...]

  • October 2022

    New integrated system is finished in UK

    For major Chinese giant in the renewable energy business, GALEELO recently successfully tested an integrated safety system: a project of [...]

  • January 2022

    GALEELEO makes a new agreement

    GALEELEO, thanks to its strong and recognized skills, attracts the trust of important partners and forges a new partnership with [...]

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